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Welcome to Homeopathy For Kids.
My name is Keith Avedissian and let my experience of nearly 30 years as a homeopath in Sydney's CBD and Forestville be part of bringing your child’s health back to what it should be.

A large part of my practice is treating children's physical and mental/emotional health complaints. This website is to offer parents another option to consider for managing their child’s health and wellbeing.

We all know that if you manage to catch children when they are young and improve their physical and mental/emotional wellbeing, it sets them up for life in a far better position to help them achieve their dreams and fulfil their aspirations.

At Homeopathy For Kids, I am committed to helping you manage your child's health with natural and holistic health care strategies.

Homeopathy is for your baby. Homeopathy is for your infant.

Homeopathy is for your toddler. Homeopathy is for your teenager.

Homeopathy is for YOUR CHILD

Our Work
We believe the best way to know about homeopathy is to TRY it.


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